Expenses on the real estate maintenance

In Spain foreigners are assessed with very insignificant taxes to the real estate. One of them, federal, in favour of the central government, makes 0,5 % from cadastral cost of habitation a year. The second – municipal, in favour of the local mayoralty. As a rule, it a little below the federal. Tax declarations, and, no less than other efforts, incur specialised legal firms which raise an annual payment about 200 euros. All expenses on service of your real estate will be carried into your bank account that allows not to care of current questions and only occasionally to look through extracts.

The most basic expenses on the real estate maintenance in Spain:

– The tax to the real estate (suma), is paid once a year, depending on object of the real estate (apartment, the house, a country house) and averages from 150 to 500 euros.

– Payment for the maintenance and territory cleaning on which there is a house, apartment etc. (pool cleaning, territory cleaning, care of a garden, an entrance etc.) from 100 euros and above in a year, depending on offered services and gardening of an inhabited complex.

– Municipal payments are paid for counters, as a rule, light of 1 times in 2 months, water of 1 times in 3 months.

– Insurance of the real estate upon 200 euros a year.