Buying real estate, our company provides the following services: 

Electronics / Property:

– Legal assistance for purchase of housing and other real estate in Spain

– Foreign investment in Spanish property

– The safety and security of investment

– Assistance in obtaining an Alien (NIE)

– Verification of mortgage charges and embargoes

– Assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan of up to 60 – 80% for a period of 10 to 40 years at an interest rate of 2.8 – 3.5% APR

– Representation in the Commercial Register and the Register of Property

– Preparation of contracts of sale of real estate

– Municipal license stroitelstvoi etc

– Tax Services

– Administrative Law

– Car rental

Inheritance Law: 

– Wills

– Legacy cases

FAMILY law: 

– The division of property

– Divorce

– Alimony

Commercial Law: 

– Preparation and review of commercial contracts

– Contracts with suppliers and customers

– Creation and opening of any enterprise “turnkey”

– Drafting and revision of statutes

– Legal assistance to the Governing Body

Sales Service: 

– Obtaining and / or acceptance of your mail or correspondence

– Informing about the need to pay taxes on housing, transportation or other personal benefits

– Care for housing in your absence

– Meeting and return airport transfer

– Assistance in purchasing furniture and household electrical or replaced by more modern

– The placement of children in school or kindergartens

– Getting health insurance

– Offer choices of learning Spanish

– Transfer of students in Spanish universities from universities and institutions of the CIS.

Monthly payment, price is negotiable depending on the number of services.