Property in Spain from La Epoca Real

Welcome to the website of La Epoca Real! Only here you will drop a unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with the best offers on the sale of real estate on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

Among all Mediterranean countries, Spain clearly stands out for its fascinating history and impressive identity. That's why here are so fond of people coming from all over the world to relax or to buy a house and settle in this wonderful country. Very mild climate of Spain and its relatively high standard of living creates a significant demand for local real estate. And if there is demand - there are suggestions.

The most popular real estate is in resort areas: Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Costa del Sol. Housing in these areas - the best investment. Therefore, the company La Epoca Real has organized the business here, and for 7 years successfully engaged them.

Spanish property has always enjoyed a high reputation in the global housing market. But its value will be a pleasant surprise, especially for those who are familiar with the prices of housing in other European countries, in particular. A Spanish villa (also the average) even with a large plot of land in value almost comparable to the cottage in a little village. On this basis, it is the price, in addition to which are a wonderful climate, clean sea and the high standards of quality European life, they say "Yes" in favor of home buying in Spain.

If you buy a property in Spain, you will automatically become the owner the right to live in this country. You want to live in a stable country with an established economy and democratic politics, to live in a mild climate and benevolent neighbors? Then why not consider buying a home in Spain.

Ownership of real estate abroad gives you a guarantee for the embassy annual Schengen multivisa, which involves multiple entry and exit to any country in the EU (Schengen). Such a visa to allow free movement and residence in the order you want the country.

Our company offers all services for the selection, choosing and buying a home in Spain. Over the many years of experience in the market real estate company La Epoca Real amassed its own database and serious business relationships that help our customers realize their dream and buy a house in Spain. We always value our reputation and we offer our customers the best options - that would have bought ourselves.

Employees of La Epoca Real will carry the full support of the transaction, will help to arrange the necessary documents (the number of foreigners (NIE), a mortgage), will monitor the progress of the transaction. In general, we are engaged in a full range of legal and financial services, as well as the administration has already acquired property. The advantage of cooperation with our company - that's what we work directly with Spanish banks and construction companies.

On our site you will find some ready-made proposals. Upon request, we will search for real estate as per your request.

Special offer: If you decide to buy a property on the coast of Spain through our company, we provide you with free accommodation for three nights in any Spanish hotel for the tour.